Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second best is a-okay with me...

First of all, thanks for giving me a venue to brag about my Neiman's finds on my WalMart budget. Cause c'mon, what girl likes to shop without showing her friends what she bought?!

So here's the lamp I just found at a garage sale for 10 bucks. I've liked this style of lamp for quite some time, but could never afford it's competitors. I don't mind replicas, as long as they're not super cheesy or plastic, and they must be budget friendly:

It's competitors:

Design Within Reach, only $390 (yeah go out and get one today!!!):

Euro Lighting $374.71

Euro Lighting, $399.91

Euro Lighting, $599 (oh, that's all?!):

And a while back I bought this lamp at Wal Mart for $9.99, nice huh?

And though I couldn't find a close original, here's a lamp with similar sensibility:

Hive $380

Okay, and I just have to brag about this vintage wallet in mint condition (real leather). I love it and it cost me a quarta:

And at the suggestion of my new blogger friend, (she's awesome, i've stalked her for awhile now, you should check her stuff out), here's my nifty wallet's competitor:

Nordstrom, HOBO $78

So here's to fancy finds from my second-hand pocket book. Cheers!


Christy said...

yay I love when you share your fun finds! So cute!

Shipra Panosian said...

that's why I love yard sales. My latest greatest find was a set of high-quality, orange paisley notecards that were $2.99 down from $10. I'll have to take a picture for you.
Still makes me smile to think about it :)

b.mofoto said...

I heart the lamps my little bargain hunter. I love that about you!

Allyson Hill said...

Doesn't it feel great! I love the wallet and I bet you could've found a costly comparison too! When you lay it out like this, it helps to remember how much fun it is to be thrifty.

Allyson Hill said...

Awesome! I'm pretty excited to hear that I have a stalker too, it's been my dream since I was a little girl : ) This was a fun post, I'll have to try one some time!