Thursday, April 9, 2009

Before and Afters...

Here are three BEFORE AND AFTER's--- 1 2 3 --- that inspired me this morning. This is why I don't like to buy many things "new", it's just too affordable and "fun" to renovate old things.

Like who thinks of adding wallpaper to chairs & trollies? So ingenious. (The only drawback is that these days nice wallpaper can be expensive b/c it's not in demand. For example, I went to Home Depot last week and asked them where the wallpaper section is and they said they don't carry wallpaper anymore, can you believe it?)

And here's another gal---KNACK--- that I've recently begun to admire (stalk) and if I lived in South Carolina I'd beg her to hire me! Her stuff is incredible. Looking at these things makes me think stuff like..."What should I do with my life? Master sewing or learn how to restore furniture, or both?"


Christy said...

Ya' I get why they dont sell wallpaper anymore; especially after buying our first home and we had to peel it off for days. Blah! But I do like all the pictures you posted and get so excited when I see stuff like that as well. :)

Jolene Grace said...

I LOVE your eye, girl! Great style, great renovations. I love updating / changing old things as well. :-) It is a great feeling to take something someone didn't see value in and make it outstanding! Great job!