Monday, March 2, 2009

Things I'm enjoying, as of late...

1) Smoked cheddar with a sliced apple and a few slices of shaved turkey.

2) Spray paint. I've successfully spray painted a trash can (slate gray), a magazine basket (gold), & a sewing basket (dusted w/gold). Unsuccessfully, patio furniture (school bus yellow) & a door mat (gold & neon orange).

3) Lazy time with my hubby.

4) The Sun. I've missed the Sun, it makes my life more livable.

5) Sticky rice with Green Tea ice cream. I think I could eat this everyday and never tire of it. Oh my, it's unbelievable.

6) RIT fabric dye.

7) Social gatherings. I've realized more lately that I am REALLY energized by being around people that I know and love. And big groups are no problem for me, as long as I know a few people. I do prefer intimate, meaningful times, but I'm also very energized by parties and social stuff.

8) Black coffee & grapefruit (yes, I've pretty much crossed over).

9) Men's white V neck Tshirts (you know the kind that come in plastic packs of three?). I've worn this V neck three times over the past four days. Umm, that's embarrassing. But, yes I've washed it twice.

10) Documentaries on Netflix.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Fun :)

I am energized by social gatherings too... especially because I am a stay at home mom now.

Is the rice thing a dessert you make or get at a Japanese restaurant?

I got scared of RIT after I tried using it once and it didn't turn out. Perhaps I should give it a try again.