Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad blogger Bad

First let me say thank you for your prayers for Uncle Norman and my family. My mom is with them in Chico and will be until he passes. He's not doing very well, as brain tumors dramatically affect the entire "person", but God's comfort is felt by Aunt LaDonna and family.
Thank you for praying. And thank you Lord for being near us when we call to You.

This weekend was a great weekend, except for the fact I was a very bad blogger. A bad bad blogger. Stephen and I went to Jason's 36th birthday out in Argyle, TX at Peyton and Jason's GORGEOUS home on an acre of land---and---I brought my camera and took NO pictures. Bad blogger bad. There was SO much to take pictures of too, that's the problem. They remodeled this entire home by hand, all 3,000 square feet. They replaced all of the tile & lament flooring with mexican tile, removed all wood paneling and re-textured the walls, tore down the dividing wall in between the kitchen and the living room and replaced it with this amazingly large granite island, seriously it's's like 8ft x 8ft. And it's where all 20+ of us sat around and ate and ate and ate. They had baked parmesan oysters, grilled lamb & chicken, any kind of cheese you could want (Peyton said that I was the inspiration for the cheese tray, b/c I love to serve (well and eat) good cheese) and delicious pies. And then we cleaned house, the women that is, in a late night game of Trivial Pursuit. Have I ever told you that I LOVE games, love love love them! Here's a sample of their flooring:

On our way home Saturday we stopped by Ikea and left with only three very small items, spending just over $10:

These are the canisters that I'm crazy about, but until I know where we're going next (like in 30 days to be exact), I don't want to buy anything that may not work and end up adding more "clutter". Are we sensing a re-occuring them here? But aren't these just earthy and clean looking:

Then yesterday we BBQed at White Rock Lake with our good friends Daniel and Melissa Bunker (and baby Bunker). It was nice to be outside most of the day, eating and talking with good friends. But again, no pictures. Bad blogger bad. Then we went home and turned in early. Good weekend.

And Stephen and I are enjoying THIS SONG by Hillsong United this morning.

Hopefully, I'll post a couple garage sale finds tomorrow.


Eileen said...

I'm so sorry about your Uncle, and he is in my prayers. You are moving in 30 days? WHAT? And don't forget I still have your chairs. Sounded like a very fun day. Bluebonnets in Ennis next weekend anybody?

Jessica said...

You are moving in 30 days???

I love the canisters, they are clean looking :) I love simple and clean.

I LOVE good cheese. That's one of my favorite things to do... get some good cheeses, crackers and wine and make a meal of it... mmmmm. What are your favorites kinds? I love a good smoked Gouda and Gorgonzola.

And you have no idea how much I wish you could come hang out at the mall with me! That would be wonderful!! Ahhh those were fun days :)