Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad blogger Bad

First let me say thank you for your prayers for Uncle Norman and my family. My mom is with them in Chico and will be until he passes. He's not doing very well, as brain tumors dramatically affect the entire "person", but God's comfort is felt by Aunt LaDonna and family.
Thank you for praying. And thank you Lord for being near us when we call to You.

This weekend was a great weekend, except for the fact I was a very bad blogger. A bad bad blogger. Stephen and I went to Jason's 36th birthday out in Argyle, TX at Peyton and Jason's GORGEOUS home on an acre of land---and---I brought my camera and took NO pictures. Bad blogger bad. There was SO much to take pictures of too, that's the problem. They remodeled this entire home by hand, all 3,000 square feet. They replaced all of the tile & lament flooring with mexican tile, removed all wood paneling and re-textured the walls, tore down the dividing wall in between the kitchen and the living room and replaced it with this amazingly large granite island, seriously it's's like 8ft x 8ft. And it's where all 20+ of us sat around and ate and ate and ate. They had baked parmesan oysters, grilled lamb & chicken, any kind of cheese you could want (Peyton said that I was the inspiration for the cheese tray, b/c I love to serve (well and eat) good cheese) and delicious pies. And then we cleaned house, the women that is, in a late night game of Trivial Pursuit. Have I ever told you that I LOVE games, love love love them! Here's a sample of their flooring:

On our way home Saturday we stopped by Ikea and left with only three very small items, spending just over $10:

These are the canisters that I'm crazy about, but until I know where we're going next (like in 30 days to be exact), I don't want to buy anything that may not work and end up adding more "clutter". Are we sensing a re-occuring them here? But aren't these just earthy and clean looking:

Then yesterday we BBQed at White Rock Lake with our good friends Daniel and Melissa Bunker (and baby Bunker). It was nice to be outside most of the day, eating and talking with good friends. But again, no pictures. Bad blogger bad. Then we went home and turned in early. Good weekend.

And Stephen and I are enjoying THIS SONG by Hillsong United this morning.

Hopefully, I'll post a couple garage sale finds tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Uncle Norman update

I just talked to my mom and they've given Uncle Norman three weeks to live. Please pray for God's comfort. Thank you.

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Uncle Norman

My mom called me last and told me that they just found out that my great Uncle Norman has an inoperable brain tumor. This was hard news for her and especially for my Aunt LaDonna, Uncle Norman's wife. Aunt LaDonna and Uncle Norman have been married for over 50 years and they love each other deeply. He has been very active the past five years (remodeled an entire house almost by himself), so this came as a surprise. I'm sharing this with you to ask you to please pray. I don't know what to ask you to pray for exactly, I just know that God is loving and so willing to saturate them with his comfort. I want to ask you to pray for it to be miraculously removed (and I prayed that last night), but I also know sometimes God chooses a different miracle. I guess I would ask you to pray for God's miracle.

Over the past two years, I've really been mulling over the whole concept of loss & suffering. And the only thing I've concluded is that God is good, and I mean that in the least trite way possible, and Eternity is so unlike earth. I am now convinced that His heart is for us and not against us and if we will invite him to, he will comfort us. And eventually He will use us to comfort others with empathy for their pain. As I've said before, losing someone will always leave a void in our life here on earth, there's no way around that, we were created to love and when we lose whom we love it hurts, it aches. And the loss leaves us walking with a limp this side of heaven. But again, God isn't against us, he is very near in our suffering. And I'm asking you now to please take just two minutes and pray that God would express His love for Uncle Norman and all involved in a tangible way today and in the days to come. God is good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My DIY planters

Here was my Saturday project:

I've been wanting some plants around the house, but nothing too bulky that adds more "clutter" feel. So I found this spanish grass at Home Depot and thought "I've got to do something with this! Hmm. Little white planters? Yes!" Well have you ever priced small painted pots? They're outlandishly overpriced, $6-10 for "one". So instead I bought the plain terra cotta pot with matching saucer for $.99 each and spray painted them white. So for everything it only cost me $14 bucks. My only frustration was the spray paint I used was too glossy and it dripped, took way too long to dry, and the dirt likes to stick to it. You can see a little drippage here:

I also bought an extra little patch of grass for my planter on the patio: (side note: I've had this planter since 2002!)

Also, it really blessed me to wake up to this Friday morning:

And this Sunday morning:

You're so right Rhonda, flowers remind me of the fact God is the giver of all life. And I'm grateful to be alive today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Several things....

Bad news first, Stephen got food poisoning yesterday. So miserable. I've always been so grateful that he doesn't have a sensitive gag reflux like me and he's only vomited like five times in his entire life (unlike me), but last night was the exception. And my poor hubby ran a fever and felt awful. He's still achy this morning, but no nausea which is nice.

I was going to start sewing lessons last night, but wanted to come home to be with him, so I'll be starting next month hopefully. I'm really wanting to develop more "skill" in my approach to making things (like sewing a straight line, for example). More to come...

I've come up with a recent theory about avocados. Random I know. But here it goes: Eating avocados causes me to eat less fat overall. As you know I've been eating much more fruit and veggies over the past six months and part of that mix includes lots of avocados (I call them God's fruit because they're just divine tasting, don't you agree?). So, I feel like when I eat avocados regularly, like almost daily, I don't crave "bad" fats as much at all. In my mind this makes perfect sense. My body needs fat, right?, and if I will give it "good" fat, it will thank me (by not begging me to go to Society Bakery and eat the most incredible cupcakes known to man [even Ellen Degeneres agrees with me]). I will continue to test this theory and give reports periodically (like how many cupcake runs I make;). But I thought I'd share my new theory because such things that go on in my head are so blog worthy :).

Part of the reason I like THIS chandelier is because of the price as well as the general design. However, I think the the ceiling brackets are an eye sore, but I thought for $399 you can't get a better option. Until, I came across this blog today. Door 16 thought the same thing and he shared another much "LESS" expensive option. See what you think.

Lastly, I made another blogger friend today and she posted this clever alternative to tasteful Roman Shades. I love this!!!

And several months ago she made this simple yet colorful curtain, cute eh?

Hope your weekends were good. Ours was good and somewhat restful (oh except for the fact Stephen's car was broken into again, second time now). We looked at houses, not sure if we're going to buy or lease this next go around. I'm itching to "nest", as I'm sure you can tell ;). I worked on my own little, very little, DIY project and I'll post pics soon. Along with an amazing lamp I found at a garage sale. Have a great week, enjoy the sun :).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

He rocks my world

So I walk in the door last night....

...then run quickly to hug my husband & kiss his entire face. And then he asks me to get him a glass of water....

This time I go to squeeze him with tears streaming down my face.
I was blown away. I'm so blessed by this man I tell you :)! And the kicker is yesterday was a not-so-good day for him and he selflessly thought of "me" and bought me gobbs of fun flowers on the way home. To make the night even better still, we went to our favorite pub for dinner and sat on the patio for two hours, it was so refreshing.
We ordered our two favorite dishes and shared: Salmon salad and Dublin Bay caserole (basically a shepherds pie with all kinds of creamy seafood in lieu of beef). All around awesome night!!! Thank you baby!!!

Now unlike my mother, I ADORE fresh flowers and I don't at all think it's a waste of money. Arranging flowers is such an energizing form of artistic expression for me (and my honey knows that well). Seriously, I have to be careful not to do to much before bed because I get so excited it's hard to fall asleep. So here's what came of the two bouquets:






Who says that fresh flowers in every room is reserved for the rich?
Not me. :-) :) :-) :) :-) :) :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

If I owned a house....

I would try and incorporate these simple details. b/c they wouldn't break the bank, but still transform the overall style of our home:

Nice steel, creatively spaced, HOUSE NUMBERS:

Mixing and matching TILES. Not just going for all the same look. This may be my personal taste too, I don't like "matchy matchy" :). (btw, Jolene, you got me looking at backsplash tiles like crazy one day. i can't wait to see your final product! ;).

Overkill with the pillows, I know. But I have always had an affinity for PILLOWS. They're such cheap transformation. And I've recently become more willing to mix colors that I would've never thought of mixing (ie; magenta & navy; purple & yellow; black with jewel tones; orange & I'm not sure exactly---I just love orange lately).

DOORS!!!! Ask Stephen how often he hears me say, "I just think a good door transforms the entire look of house." He's heard me say that, no exaggeration, 15 times at least. (I've said it about 115 in my head). I have yet to take pictures of some homes in our neighborhood with awesome doors (they're are a lot, b/c we live in a part of town where most of the houses were built a long time ago). But here's a very basic idea of what I mean:

HARDWARE on dressers and cabinets and doors (this I would also mix and match):

A unique CHANDELIER, I really like this one from Pottery Barn:

Last, but certainly not least....painting A MURAL on the wall (this would be where my hubby's amazing artistic skillz would come into play).

(I love subtle comedy in decorating).

(And I LOVE how they used an unobtrusive filing cabinet as an end table).

So for now, I'll continue to enjoy my charming little duplex and sew pillows, rearrange furniture, and dream of what I'll decorate next...