Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Gratitude List

1. We're having a special date night tonight, beginning at my MOST favorite restaurant

2. I'm married to my dream man, who loves me for "me"

3. Most every member of my family is coming to know Jesus is a very authentic and personal way. And most every member of my family wasn't much interested in God just 5 short years ago.
God is doing the impossible.

4. Today is FRIDAY!

5. I'm leaving work now (it's 3:19pm).


Christy said...

Love your list and LOVE that God is the God of doing the impossible. I mean he loves me doesnt he? ;) Have a great night friend. Miss you!

Jessica said...

Great list! I love it all :) I hope your date was fabulous and that is so awesome about your family.

mommy4 said...

You'll have to tell me about Mint. I've seen it but haven't had the courage to go. Maybe we could go together and you could tell me what to get. I'm so happy you shared about your family. I'm at that place where not much of my fam. cares too much about God. This is a great reminder that HIS timing is perfect and not to give up. To God be the Glory!

Eileen said...

Hey girlie! GREAT list! God is so good!

Chelle said...

love the list... and that restaurant sounds yummy! i love reading menus :D