Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free or almost free...

Here are a list of my recent projects and most of the materials were given to me or bought at next to nothing:

I made this yellow broach for $2. I bought the vintage scarf at Salvation Army and found the crystal broach on the side of the road, literally (details below).

I bought this green scarf the same day, place, and price as the yellow. I sewed one of the buttons my mom gave me in the center. I pin the yellow and green together, side by side, on a plain sweater and it gussys up my outfit (for $4).

This is a sweater that I bought in college, about 4 years ago. I did pay full price at the time because I was in love with this sweater (used to wear it religiously) and I also knew it was such good quality that it would last a long time (4 years up to this point). But I haven't worn it much this winter because it became really drab to me. So I swapped out the buttons and now I love it again. I used two of my mothers buttons and bought three sets from Joanns. All three sets were only $4.50 (they were on sale, 40% off). I had to sew buttons twice, the first set I paired together looked awkward, they were all my mom's vintage buttons, but they didn't look unified. So...that's why I went to Joanns and bought several buttons that had either gold or pearl or both. This set looks much better than the first. I think in decorating or designing you have to unify your theme and your colors, but I'm still learning what that means. Facelift sweater: $4.50

This was my first "personal" clothes sewing experience, post baby stuff. I bought this sweater for $5 at the Salvation Army with the intention of "practicing" embellishing. I sewed the two strips on front first (please don't look too closely) and realized that overall the sweater was too small. So...I cut it straight up the back and....

...added this strip of fabric. I probably used 1/2 a yard of this fabric, so I spent roughly $8 total.

Bought this sweater on clearance at Target several years ago and replaced the plain gray buttons with these uniform buttons my mom gave me. And because it's thin I can wear it in the Spring and Summer :). Total: free.

I bought these pants at Target about a year ago. I was tired of the color so I attempted to die them navy and this is the color they came out, I think I like it. I've been wearing it with a mustard color sweater and it looks okay. Total cost: $3.70 (it would've been more, but I used two 40% off coupons (printed offline) at Joanns to purchase the RIT dye). Aren't I such a dork hanging them from a tree?

The color of the buttons was the original color of the pants.

Here's a great story! (I'll make it brief). Stephen noticed a bunch of "trash" on the side of the road, directly in front of a what used to be a nice store. Ding ding ding. So we of course stop the car and rummage. We ended up finding a lot of great stuff, (all in need of some lovin mind you), but stuff that we could use. These pillows for example (and that crystal broach). They were originally a seventies burnt orange/cream/brown, but I attempted to dye them black and this was the result. Crazy huh? Now we need your vote, do you like pillow A or pillow B? (A is inside out; B is right side out)

Pillow A

Pillow B

More stuff from "the rummage" to follow (like the door mat).


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Wow! You're so talented! Can't wait to see you wearing these things! You are truly a "Proverbs 31" woman.
My vote is for Pillow A. That's mostly because if we had Pillow B, then I'm sure my kiddos would try to pull the strings out.. :)
Love you and so proud of you!

Rhonda said...

Great job! You are soooo resourceful.

mommy4 said...

Your husband is so blessed to have you. You are such a treasure! Your talent and creativity is so amazing. Your the best.

Jessica said...

Wow, all so fun and cute! Way to utilize what you have! I love your style, you are so creative :) As for the pillows I like them both! Sorry, I"m no help.

Chelle said...

pillow A has my vote... more groovy.
are you selling on etsy yet? those of us who do not share in your craftiness do enjoy buying the end results :D

Christy said...

ok, you are brilliant.......enough said! :)

Eileen said...

Wow... fun stuff! I can't believe all the sewing you are doing! Now... when are you going to finish that project you started with me? As for the pillows... hard... I think I like A best, but both are fun! Hard to really say without seeing in person. Good job on all your projects... you go girl!

Kathie said...

I soooo need lessons in how to do things like this. I can diagram a sentence, but give me a needle and thread or drop me in a thrift store...I am helpless!!!!