Tuesday, February 3, 2009

As of late...

Bad news first: Domino has folded

The reason that this is bad news for me is because Domino is the only "down to earth" decorating magazine I've found with artistic yet affordable taste. Most other magazines are centered around ridiculously expense furniture, fabric, etc. and are a bit too "in the box" for my liking. I love to generate my creativity by looking at how other people do things cheaply, yet tastefully. Hence, my next thing. These are some images that I've been looking at and gaining inspiration to re-do one of our bookshelves. It may be six months before I actually "do it" (hey, I'm a visionary), but nonetheless these bookshelves have inspired me lately:

Now there's also good news---I've finished several projects over the last couple of months (and I'll hopefully post pics tomorrow). I've Re-vamped a sweater with some loud purple fabric from Joann's, replaced buttons on a couple sweaters with vintage buttons my mama gave me, made more cards, dyed a pair of pants & two pillow cases, and attempted to spray paint over an old door mat (you'll laugh at the final product...not so much a keeper). I'm so lame at taking before and after pictures (or really remembering to take pictures at all), so tomorrow you'll get the finished products only.

Oh wait, one more thing. This image has inspired me in terms of decorating our room (not sure when or if that will happen either;) because while I was home in December my dad gave me a quilt that my great grandmother made & I want to restore it and incorporate it in a similar way to this bedroom:

Ok, wait one more thing. THIS is one of the worst possible things that could happen to you on your wedding day. Oh my.


mommy4 said...

oh, those shelves look so cool. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I saw that video. I'm not quite sure if it's real. but very funny! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said...

I've seen that video... so sad!

The first bookcase is my favorite.

Do you ever look at this blog: http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/

She has lots of great ideas that are inexpensive. She's not really your style, but she has lots of great tips.

Jolene Grace said...

You have such great style...I can't wait to see the finished products that you worked on! I too like to find my inspiration from looking at others' ideas, and then springboard off into my own. i like to walk around Home Depot and brainstorm ways to use tools/wood/etc. in ways other than the intended purpose. :-) Oh, and that video is sad, but I had to laugh (just a giggle, not a chuckle...I hope that doesn't make me a bad person).

Rhonda said...

I'm sad about Domino too. I love that magazine.
And I too laughed at the video. If it is real, that couple will a funny story to share for many years.