Thursday, January 29, 2009

World Mandate

This past weekend we went with our good friends Daniel and Melissa Bunker to World Mandate, a missions conference in Waco, TX hosted by Antioch church. It was refreshing. It has been quite a while since we have been completely surrounded by people (3,000 to be exact) who have a burning desire to see the World touched by Jesus. When I say “the World” I’m specifically talking about non-American people groups. And when I say, “burning” I mean a desire that is alive in them and actively motivates their daily decisions. It was also so moving to worship God corporately out of this passion for the World. The Bunkers and us share this desire to reach into international communities here in the U.S. and eventually overseas. We also had fun just hanging out with the Bunkers; they are such an awesome couple to be around. Stephen took about twelve short videos throughout the weekend and I’ve posted half of them below (I'm making up for lost time;):

Me, my Starbucks, and the crowd:


“Nothing is Impossible ”:


Daniel takes on the Baylor Bears:


“My Soul Longs for You” (this one takes a sec to start):


This must make God smile big:


One more of me and the crowd:



Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

Looks like an awesome time!! Go World Changers!!!!

Eileen said...

So awesome. I sort of thought I'd see more of a reaction from Stephen's question of "are you having fun" though... maybe you were deep in contemplation!

Crystal said...

I had a blast, really :).

Christy said...

the worship gave me chills. And yes I am CERTAIN God was smiling. We sang this line in church this weekend,"Break my heart for what breaks yours!" and your post made me think of that. I desire to be broken in the things that breaks Gods heart. To change myself and the world around me because we hate sin and the things that are not holy.