Thursday, January 29, 2009

World Mandate

This past weekend we went with our good friends Daniel and Melissa Bunker to World Mandate, a missions conference in Waco, TX hosted by Antioch church. It was refreshing. It has been quite a while since we have been completely surrounded by people (3,000 to be exact) who have a burning desire to see the World touched by Jesus. When I say “the World” I’m specifically talking about non-American people groups. And when I say, “burning” I mean a desire that is alive in them and actively motivates their daily decisions. It was also so moving to worship God corporately out of this passion for the World. The Bunkers and us share this desire to reach into international communities here in the U.S. and eventually overseas. We also had fun just hanging out with the Bunkers; they are such an awesome couple to be around. Stephen took about twelve short videos throughout the weekend and I’ve posted half of them below (I'm making up for lost time;):

Me, my Starbucks, and the crowd:


“Nothing is Impossible ”:


Daniel takes on the Baylor Bears:


“My Soul Longs for You” (this one takes a sec to start):


This must make God smile big:


One more of me and the crowd:


Friday, January 16, 2009

December Memories

My darling sister and my irresistible nephew:

I mean look at this face:

Anna is home!!!

New Years Day Brunch at the Chapman's:

Twin friends from college, who are now members of a dance company in the Netherlands. And also two of the most quality, godly women I know:

*Also, all photos were beautifully edited by Eileen Hart (and she wouldn't want credit, but that's why I'm giving it ;).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lately Inspirations

In Terms of Sewing...

In Terms of Decorating...

In Terms of Eating...

Eating: My close friend Anna recently moved back from Hungary and she's been staying with us for the past two weeks, and I LOVE IT! I have pictures of us on camera (and a bunch of other things), but can't find the cord to transfer them onto my comp (hopefully my honey will solve it this weekend...he's so tech savvy). Anyway, Anna has radically transformed her diet and she eats gobbs of fresh fruit and veges and drinks tons of water. As a result of being around her so much it has rubbed off on me. This entire week I've been eating mainly all fresh fruit, veges and whole grains (and yes, this includes grapefruit). But the biggest sign and wonder is that I've been drinking at a minimum 64oz of water every day for the past five days and I feel so alive! I know I haven't lost ten pounds in a week or so, but I feel like it (and I think it's because my body is thanking me for treating it so kindly). I hope that I can keep this up!

Decorating: I haven't done much in terms of decorating lately (and I won't mention that my Christmas decor is still fully intact), but I've just been browsing images and gaining inspiration. We may be moving sometime soon and even though moving is one of my top three dreaded experiences, I do look forward to having a clean palette.

Sewing: I haven't sewn a whole lot lately, except for another set of cards (that I forgot to take pictures of before gifting them), but I plan to do fun things with this big bag of vintage buttons my mom gave me. I also plan to restore a quilt that my great grandmother made (and it's absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!). I sewed purple snake skin fabric onto a sweater that I bought at the Salvation Army and I'll post pics once I take them.

Has anything inspired you lately? Do tell...