Monday, December 1, 2008

A peak into my daily routine (+ one more)

Because I forgot to take pictures over the holidays, I thought I'd do one of my "Top Things" post. Here it goes:

Okay I had to list these first because they've changed my life. As the step-daughter of a dentist, I was always encouraged to brush regularly and extensively, but for some strange reason no one encouraged me to floss. In came Stephen. I used to sit and admire him floss like every other night, seriously I was so impressed by that. But it was a discipline I just couldn't commit to, mainly because I was so grossed out using the same string of floss for all of my dirty teeth, so...I would use like half a roll each time (and I just reasoned it in my head that I was making up for lost time). In came Oral B picks. Now I floss almost "every single night" seriously and it's oh so easy. After I brush, I only use one stick, and rinse the pick in between teeth, and when I'm finished rinse with Scope (and my mouth is so grateful). I really think it's improved morning breath (this is way more than you wanted to know. slightly gross I'm sure).

I've tried a bunch of different cleansers and this is my favorite. It's reasonably priced, it smells fabulous, and it's all natural.

I've also experimented with several facial moisturizers and this is my favorite. It is not at all greasy, but it definitely gives my face the moisture it needs, has SPF 15, and doubles for me as an eye makeup remover. And a little goes a long way.

Since I've stopped coloring my hair it lacks a lot of body and texture. This is where Superstar entered my life. While I rarely do much at all to my hair (b/c frankly I'm lazy), putting a little bit of this on the root area of my hair & bangs gives a little life to my hair. And lately I've been combining these two hair products. This stuff lasts me forever too!

This is my favorite moose. Lately, I've combined this with the Superstar (in the hair world they call that a "cocktail") and I like the results.

I just couldn't leave out my lip gloss. I know it's a repeat from last year, but this trusty stuff is so good to me.

And last but not least, my favorite powder/foundation. If you haven't tried this, you must. Most people use it now and I understand why. It evens out my skin tone and looks completely natural. And it's supposedly "good" for your skin, all natural.

Wait! I had to add just one mascara. I have tried all different kinds (including a sample from Chanel) and Full and Soft does the most magic for my lashes. AND it doesn't flake and it washes off easily. The best part is it's like $6ish bucks at CVS!


Jessica said...

I LOVE favorite thing posts :) I think I'm going to try your lip gloss and your foundation... where do you recommend getting each one?

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

That's so funny you posted this stuff today!..I was going to email you about the lip gloss this very day! I'm going to add it to my Christmas list..! too..I want to know where to get the foundation! And..OOOOOOHHH..Matthew will be so happy to hear about the flossers..! I sit amazed at the flossing job he does..after almost 14 years of watching him, he still hasn't won me over..but now, maybe you have! I'll give them a try..!
Thanks Crystal!

Christy said...

I love your post. Too fun and cute! I like some of those same things as well and I'm to lazy to do my hair too! ;)

Chelle said...

love it girl! flossers are great - I too am disgusted by regular floss. I keep some in my car :)

Crystal said...

Lip has free shipping
-or most Macy's carry Origins
-or of course the Origins store (my choice)
I like "Sheer Fruit Punch" but it's always good to try different colors on and match your skin tone.

Foundation---In TX: Ulta, Sephora (northpark), or Bare Escentuals (northpark)

---In CA: Bare Escentuals (Galleria)
Again, this is another one that's good to try on and match your skin tone. However, tell them to put it on lightly b/c they caked it on my face the first time and I didn't like how fake it looked. I use "Medium". I also got a nice powder brush, this helps it go on evenly for me.

Eileen said...

Great post! I'm back!

Jolene Grace said...

Good stuff! Oh, and I have been using Bare Minerals for a year now and LOVE it!