Friday, December 19, 2008

Your Grandaughter's Quilts

I made my grandmother these greeting cards because she loves quilting (and posted them b/c she never checks our blog;). I've affectionately titled them "Your Grandaughter's Quilts" because they are as opposite of her quilting style as it comes, but 100% "me":

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Office Gifts

In light of the "tightness" of this season, we thought outside of the box for Stephen's office Christmas presents. Here's the story: My boss told me to take home some of the "gourmet" grapefruits (is there such a thing?) a business partner had given him; So, naturally my "gifting" wheels starting can I covert these into gifts?....First, I called Sur La Table here in Dallas (a speciality store, right by my house) and asked if they had grapefruit spoons and how much? To which they responded $1.95. $1.95?! Perfect. So I bought sugar packets and cut silk strips for ribbion, tied it all together, safety pinned the sugar to the ribbion...And voliah "Merry Christmas" to the office folk for 2 bucks.

But the one catch is I don't think everyone likes grapefruit, (do you? ). This may be less of a gift than I thought (Stephen said he was the only one who ate it at the office yesterday:). Personally, I've determined to eat grapefruit and drink black coffee in my adulthood, cause both are reserved entirely for adults (according to my childish mind;).
Oh and I ate my first grapefruit this morning (and had cream in my coffee)...Okay, I'm just "starting" to cross the threshold.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well...I've been out of the blogging world this week because a lot has happened. Let me start with early Tuesday morning, 2am to be exact. Our doorbell rings and we hear loud, hard knocking on our front door, and yeah you could say our hearts were pounding somewhere between our chest and our stomach. It was the cops. Apparently someone broke into Stephen's car and they wanted us to come and look at the damage, file a report, etc. Okay, fine. We filed a report waited for a detective to come and fingerprint (which he couldn't do because it rained) and then crawled back in bed around 4ish. Then at about 4:45ish we hear a car door shut. Stephen goes to the window in the living room and notices a car parked on the wrong side of the street, directly across from his car. He waits and watches. No one was there and it was a nice car, locked with a visible alarm so he thought nothing of it. But waited a few minutes longer. And then a young kid in denim shorts past his knees, a big black sweatshirt, and white oversized tennis shoes comes walking down our sidewalk and goes directly to my car. He ducks down near my right rear wheel and surveys the situation (in other words, thinks about how he's going to break "my" window now). Stephen abruptly opens our balcony door, steps onto the balcony, and shouts, "I see you Punk. I see you Punk. ---Honey get my gun!--- I'm comin after you", "the punk" runs all of the way down the street. Now I think my heart was beating in my feet. No more than five minutes later the cops randomly come back and we flag them down. They take more notes and attempt to go after "the punk". The oddest thing is that the car parked directly across from Stephen's was entirely unrelated, yet we heard the door shut and that's what made Stephen go and look out of the window. I think that was God. After calming down, we went to sleep around 5:30ish and woke up about three hours later. Stephen stayed home from work and worked with the window guy in replacing his window (in 29 degree weather I might add. Oh and another cool thing I might add is that this window repair guy was from Turkey...of all places...Turkey). Then later that evening we had several friends from church come over and finally went to bed Tuesday night around 11pm. Then we had more friends come over last night (which was SUCH a blast) and we had dinner---side note, I made my Grandma's Split Pea Soup (she's the best cook ever) and it was so so good!---and went to sleep around 10:30. I'm thinking we'll eventually catch up on sleep this weekend, we're both so tired. I just wanted to give a window into "Our Little World" this week. Unfortunately, I've had multiple "blogger afterthoughts" wishing that I would've taken pictures of the broken window or time with friends or Stephen in his skinnies on the balcony (oh okay, maybe not that one), but I just forgot to bring out my camera. But I've done a bunch of things around the house and sewn several things, so I'll do my best to post pictures tomorrow or this weekend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blast from the Past

Okay, I came across this picture on Monday and couldn't resist posting it. It brings back so many memories. This picture was taken in 2005 on our mission trip to Turkey. Stephen and I were not at all interested in each other, but we were just becoming better friends on this trip. (However, I always thought he was such a cutie). The "craziest" thing about this picture is that Stephen and I are now married and the couple on the far left are now married too---and NONE of us were dating at this point. My friend Julie jokes that we should start advertising for a "meet your mate" mission trip, wouldn't that be a hoot?! But we both look SO differently huh?! I love my hubby's hair and ever since we started dating he's kept his curls to humor me :). Honestly, I just think he has the best head of hair out there (and our hairdresser agrees with me;).

Okay, one last thing I'll say is that when I look at this picture I am truly so grateful for the places that God has taken me and the healing that he's brought to my heart. While I loved being single and all of the things that came with that season of my life, I love being married to Stephen so much more. I love this new chapter of my life. God has been so faithful to me (as I not so patiently waited for him to bring me to this place;); And I'm full of gratitude towards Him this morning.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A peak into my daily routine (+ one more)

Because I forgot to take pictures over the holidays, I thought I'd do one of my "Top Things" post. Here it goes:

Okay I had to list these first because they've changed my life. As the step-daughter of a dentist, I was always encouraged to brush regularly and extensively, but for some strange reason no one encouraged me to floss. In came Stephen. I used to sit and admire him floss like every other night, seriously I was so impressed by that. But it was a discipline I just couldn't commit to, mainly because I was so grossed out using the same string of floss for all of my dirty teeth, so...I would use like half a roll each time (and I just reasoned it in my head that I was making up for lost time). In came Oral B picks. Now I floss almost "every single night" seriously and it's oh so easy. After I brush, I only use one stick, and rinse the pick in between teeth, and when I'm finished rinse with Scope (and my mouth is so grateful). I really think it's improved morning breath (this is way more than you wanted to know. slightly gross I'm sure).

I've tried a bunch of different cleansers and this is my favorite. It's reasonably priced, it smells fabulous, and it's all natural.

I've also experimented with several facial moisturizers and this is my favorite. It is not at all greasy, but it definitely gives my face the moisture it needs, has SPF 15, and doubles for me as an eye makeup remover. And a little goes a long way.

Since I've stopped coloring my hair it lacks a lot of body and texture. This is where Superstar entered my life. While I rarely do much at all to my hair (b/c frankly I'm lazy), putting a little bit of this on the root area of my hair & bangs gives a little life to my hair. And lately I've been combining these two hair products. This stuff lasts me forever too!

This is my favorite moose. Lately, I've combined this with the Superstar (in the hair world they call that a "cocktail") and I like the results.

I just couldn't leave out my lip gloss. I know it's a repeat from last year, but this trusty stuff is so good to me.

And last but not least, my favorite powder/foundation. If you haven't tried this, you must. Most people use it now and I understand why. It evens out my skin tone and looks completely natural. And it's supposedly "good" for your skin, all natural.

Wait! I had to add just one mascara. I have tried all different kinds (including a sample from Chanel) and Full and Soft does the most magic for my lashes. AND it doesn't flake and it washes off easily. The best part is it's like $6ish bucks at CVS!