Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning and early afternoon I had "crafty time" with my good friend Debra, she finished half of a wreath made out of nuts (it's beautiful! i'll post final pics later, if she allows;) and I made paper ornaments, nothing fancy. They're gifts, so I'll post pics later :). Then Saturday afternoon Stephen and I lounged around for a couple of hours, and then in the evening i went to a "girls fondue party" with my friends Lindsay and Serah. It was so fun! We all ate way too much chocolate and loved every minute of it! But I forgot my camera :(.

Then yesterday Stephen and I went to church and then rested alllll day long. It was awesome. (well, i say it was awesome, but i sometimes have trouble resting...i can feel stir-crazy if i lie around too long). So, I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, i used land o lakes recipe (butter makes everything better;). (and I have no trouble lying around eating oatmeal cookies & milk ;).

And then last night we drove around downtown from like 9-10:30pm. At like nine Stephen says "Let's take a drive", so we did. And Stephen took these pics of downtown Dallas (all of which are obviously photoshopped by me...hence the colors). But i was impressed at how clear some of the images came out because it was so dark and he used no flash. He's been learning more about this particular lens and how to change the settings on his camera, and I'm so impressed by the results. I was the taxi driver and he was the tourist. We had a blast together. We both felt like this is the stuff that keeps our hearts alive, spontaneous fun.


Christy said...

good for you guys for "just being" together. I enjoy just driving around with Dan too! We will drive and just talk, its something we tend to do on our way home from a date night to make it last that much longer. A little Detour if you will. ;)

Eileen said...

REALLY great pictures... I love the photoshop effects! Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!!

Jessica said...

What a delightful weekend! I love fondue. Good for you and Stephen for being spontaneous and having fun together... those are the things that "renew" a relationship and keep it feeling fun and fresh :)

Mandy said...

Yay for photographic excursions! Stephen's getting really good. Miss you both.