Sunday, November 2, 2008

His new found love...

...Zee bikes

My handsome prince

Brian, Stephen's brother

A few weekends ago Stephen went to Phoenix, AZ to visit his brother Brian. And let me just say, while the cat's away the mice will play... on big scary bicycles. (and guess who wants to purchase one now?;). Stephen and Brian had so much fun riding around the hills in Phoenix. They went riding twice while he was there, both times early in the morning. It was fun to see Stephen so excited when he got home and told me about his visit, it reminded him of riding dirt bikes in Houston when he was a kid.
And don't they fit the part? Looking so hardcore motocross-like. :-0!


Eileen said...

He may be your handsome prince... but how can we tell with the gear on? LOL!!! (Carl just got a motorcycle!!!)

Crystal said...

You see, I know the cute face underneath all of the gear ;).