Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Rude

Our Pumpkin

Our Neighbors Pumpkin

Apparently the pecan trees never bloomed this year, which has left the Dallas squirrels very hungry. So...they've decided to supplement their diet with "OUR" pumpkins. Tisk tisk.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My New Crafty Nook

A GREAT sewing book that my mom bought me

The Bins

Upholstery/Pillow Fabric (thank you Debra;)

Blue bin: needs repair; Green bins: clothing fabric & ribbon

Sewing Basket
(side note: I bought this basket at BIG LOTS for $2 & dusted it with gold spray paint)

Current Project Basket
(I'm crazy about this gaudy basket)

(I took all of these pics, not my talented husband, so that's why they're blurry).

I'm loving having my own creative space that's both colorful and organized! However, I continue to revert to the dining room table on some projects because it's such a large amount of space. I started sewing onto a sweater the other night (the first thing I've made for myself) and I'll post pics when I'm done. If you have any suggestions of how you've kept your crafty things organized (particular bins or methods or whatever) please share, I'm open to suggestions :)....

Monday, November 17, 2008


Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning and early afternoon I had "crafty time" with my good friend Debra, she finished half of a wreath made out of nuts (it's beautiful! i'll post final pics later, if she allows;) and I made paper ornaments, nothing fancy. They're gifts, so I'll post pics later :). Then Saturday afternoon Stephen and I lounged around for a couple of hours, and then in the evening i went to a "girls fondue party" with my friends Lindsay and Serah. It was so fun! We all ate way too much chocolate and loved every minute of it! But I forgot my camera :(.

Then yesterday Stephen and I went to church and then rested alllll day long. It was awesome. (well, i say it was awesome, but i sometimes have trouble resting...i can feel stir-crazy if i lie around too long). So, I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, i used land o lakes recipe (butter makes everything better;). (and I have no trouble lying around eating oatmeal cookies & milk ;).

And then last night we drove around downtown from like 9-10:30pm. At like nine Stephen says "Let's take a drive", so we did. And Stephen took these pics of downtown Dallas (all of which are obviously photoshopped by me...hence the colors). But i was impressed at how clear some of the images came out because it was so dark and he used no flash. He's been learning more about this particular lens and how to change the settings on his camera, and I'm so impressed by the results. I was the taxi driver and he was the tourist. We had a blast together. We both felt like this is the stuff that keeps our hearts alive, spontaneous fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008

RE-POST: The Soon Wedding

Last weekend we went to our friends wedding, Eric Soon and Anna Johnson. They had their ceremony at the church and their reception at this awesomely artsy venue called "7 Senses". During the day this studio showcases lighting installations that are designed by the owner and at night they open it up for wedding receptions and such. There were like ten different rooms (maybe more, I didn't explore all of them) lavishly decorated, with much attention to detail. They had a yummy signature drink called "The Singapore Sling" (the groom is originally from Singapore) and the food was out of this world (side note: we used to call Eric the "Food Pastor" because that is a main passion of his and he's so good at picking the best places to eat). Okay and a little background on the people below, in order: 1) Chelsea Chapman is one of my friends from college. We were part of the same campus ministry for a couple of years and now we're both married and attend the same church. All four of us have watched Cowboy games together and we live in the same neighborhood & occasionally pop in for a 1am visit every now and then. Chelsea and I are the only remaining friends out of our whole SMU "crew" (for lack of a better chessy-sounding word) still living here in Dallas. And we're both such people people that we love sipping coffee and talking for hours. In fact, that's our plan this Friday at 7:30 am :). 2) Melissa Bunker has been a close friend of mine for around six years now. I was in her small group held every week at her house for about two years and she, Tori & I went to Afghanistan together for four months to teach English back in 2003. Melissa is one woman I really look up to and we share the same heart for international people. I love spending time with her and Stephen loves talking with her husband, so when we see them at a function and we're like "Bunkers! Go!" :-). You know how rare it is to both connect with a couple equally, it's very cool thing. So there's a little background to the story behind all of these faces, I figured most of you non-Texans might appreciate a little background :).

Us and the Chapmans

Me and friend Chelsea Chapman

Me, my friend Melissa, & little Caleb (her baby boy)

Saturday projects

I made these for a friend from church who just had a baby girl. And I have to admit, I feel I'm much too impatient to use a precise pattern, so I've now made my own a couple of times out of card stock (and they're anything but precise). I think I like things asymmetrical and "crafty" looking, but I hope I'm not just giving myself an excuse to be messy ;). I know I will use a pattern eventually, just not yet. Have you used a pattern? Was it terribly time consuming measuring everything? Do tell...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tag===round 2

Okay Eileen tagged me now.

Seven random facts about myself:

1. I speak in tangents and I try and pretend I don't by saying, "I say all of that to say..." (when really I said "all of that" because I can't focus on one thing very long, thus I rarely finish a story or a complete thought). Opps, now you have my secret.

2. I believe that when you buy more, you use more (this is one more reason I don't buy in bulk). For example, when I have the industrial size bag of walnuts I catch myself using giant handfuls in our salads, versus when I used to buy the small bags & used them more sparingly. But I think being aware is half the battle, that's why I'll still buy the giant sized bag of walnuts (but not toilet paper). (Do you see how I just went on a tangent?;).

3. I like picking things. I won't embarrass myself by elaborating.

4. I recharge by being with people. Especially people with whom I can have deep a conversation.

5. Oatmeal is one of my top three favorite foods. But as in most foods, I'm slightly picky. (Stephen's saying to himself, "Who you? Nooo.").
I like old fashioned slow-cook Quaker oats, cooked with a little less water than suggested. I've tried the organic Irish steel cut and just have to be faithful to Mr. Quaker.
However, Wheatena is a close second (much to my hubby's dismay).

6. I don't have a favorite color. I like too many to pick just one :).
(I guess I could also let you know that I'm prone to indecision).

7. The morning, when I very first wake up, is my favorite time of day. (yes, I'm pre-babies).

Sunday, November 2, 2008

His new found love...

...Zee bikes

My handsome prince

Brian, Stephen's brother

A few weekends ago Stephen went to Phoenix, AZ to visit his brother Brian. And let me just say, while the cat's away the mice will play... on big scary bicycles. (and guess who wants to purchase one now?;). Stephen and Brian had so much fun riding around the hills in Phoenix. They went riding twice while he was there, both times early in the morning. It was fun to see Stephen so excited when he got home and told me about his visit, it reminded him of riding dirt bikes in Houston when he was a kid.
And don't they fit the part? Looking so hardcore motocross-like. :-0!