Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Top Ten (+1)

Okay, since my friend Jessica wrote out her top 25, I've been thinking of the top ten things that I really enjoy:

1. Hot shower when my skin's cold
2. Good coffee
3. Just "being" with my kindred spirited friends
4. Connecting with God
5. My husband's touch
6. Just being with my husband
7. Green Tea Ice Cream & sticky rice (delish)
8. Decorating---reading Domino, planning how I'm going to decorate, actually decorating, sewing decor things, etc..........
9. Spending time with internationals (either in their country or ours)
10. A clean house & car
10. Being with family (preferably eating something I've cooked)


Christy said...

ohh,ohhhh I love green tea ice cream as well! Yummy! Nothing like a hot shower when your cold too! :) Great list. I sent a hug to you through Eileen this weekend. ;)

mommy4 said...

WOW!! So funny you posted this. I was going to ask you if you would be interested in helping me pick out some new curtains for the living room and possibly redecorating it. What do ya think?