Monday, September 22, 2008

Full Weekend

While Stephen went away to fish & watch the Texas Tech fball game w/the boyz in Lubbock this weekend;
I busied myself (and missed him like CRAZY!). Here's what I did:

Saw my Grandma visiting from Cali:

Also visited with my uncle, his wife, & my two cousins (forgot to take camera out, just got one pic of me & grandma)
Made a golf burp rag for my uncle and his wife who both love golf (& just had a baby boy ten days ago):

Let me just comment about this burp took over FIVE HOURS!
I had to rip the seams like six times...grrr...
I think because I used flannel and double sided it, it was so thick, I wasn't used to playing with tensions & stitch widths, etc on my machine. However, I used flannel and put a different color on the back side because that's what Jess told me she did on hers (and what a cute idea it was!). I did some more sewing this weekend and I'll post pics of the finished products later :). I love to sew (let me just say that again)...a girl after my mama's own heart :).

I also celebrated Christian's birthday with my friend Serah (his mom) at church with cupcakes & apple juice. Isn't he the cutest?!

I leave for San Fransisco on Wednesday for a family reunion, so I'll have lots of pics with family from all over. (But Stephen and I are not happy about being apart again, for 4&1/2 days this time:,,(). More later...

Monday, September 15, 2008

I LOVE sewing

I sewed this weekend and it was such a great creative outlet for me. You know when you're not creative for a while and then you do something to get your juices flowing? And then you feel so refreshed! That's how I felt this weekend. I think I could really take sewing up as a permanent hobby ("permanent" is the key word here, b/c I get bored easily...or just simply forget about the 8 different projects I started). I need advice on the onesie. Should I try and fabric paint the part of the decal that got messed up? Or any other suggestions are welcomed.

Here are the things I made (jagged stitches & all;):

Dish towel

Kids hand towel

Onesie with messed up decal:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Switch Plates, etc.

Living Room

Living Room frames

Dining Room


Plumbing Hook


Our Bedroom


Guest Bedroom


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have completed several projects over the past few months & have yet to take pictures. I hung the gold plumbing fixture, which now displays the nifty aprons Mandy made me. I've covered all of our switch plates with cool designs & textiles from my favorite magazines & catalogs. I've painted our patio furniture a bright school bus yellow. And finally, I've hung these three engagement pictures taken by Beth Morgan in retro frames in our living room:

I'll try & take pictures of everything soon. And eventually give a grand tour of our duplex (per Jess' request;). Oh, one more season is I'm going to try & sew while Stephen sits nearby watching the game(s) :)~. I like football, but I'm thinking I like sewing better.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tech Game & Birthday Lunch

We had such a great weekend. We drove out to Lubbock, about 350 miles away, to Texas Tech University where Stephen went to college. Saturday was their first football game of the season and it was so fun!!! I have always been one for school spirit, and I haven't changed a bit in my 27 years of age :). I LOVE getting all dressed up in school colors and singing the songs and doing the cheers. SMU, where I went to college, had very little school spirit....mainly because our football team was given the death penalty in 1987 because it paid their players, so our football team went to pot and thus our school spirit was no more. Now we have a new coach who's well-known for reviving football teams, June Jones, so we'll see if he brings back our team. (June Jones is also a devoted christian). BUT back to the point, I loved being in red, cheering for our team, and observing all of these "Tech" traditions. And the best thing about the night was that Stephen and I really enjoyed each other at the game. We love each other all of the time, but you know those "sparkly" nights where you're like madly deeply in love with each other, yep, that was Saturday. It was so much fun. Overall, it was just a great weekend. We needed time together and we feel refreshed.

Today we went to Benihana's for lunch with Stephen's parents in honor of Stephen's birthday...which is tomorrow. I love watching them cook and tasting the sauces and seeing if I can guess which spices and stuff are in them (I love to cook with lots of different flavors). I think I could successfully make a mean fried rice now. Tomorrow for Stephen's birthday I making a really special dinner...but the items I'm cooking are a surprise, so I'll have to tell you later :).

***Side note: the last two posts we've been using my little point and shoot camera, rather than Stephen's big daddy canon. So...the quality and clarity is different. Just thought I'd mention that :).