Sunday, June 8, 2008

Insanely busy weekend, but all good stuff. Friday night I tackled the hall closet. I took absolutely everything out of the closet, in order to start with a fresh pallette, and Stephen almost passed out when he walked in after work (women understand the fresh pallette idea, men not so much). I finally finished after about six hours of hanging shelves, throwing away old med's etc (and yes, this part incited a difference of opinion(s) between the saver and the organizer...."That Vitamin C expired in 2005." "No, it's still good. Don't just throw it away."...and you can guess the rest :)), and putting things in baskets in terms of catagories, etc. And it is so satisfying to now open the door and see a beautiful, well-organized closet. Honestly, that's one of the most rewarding things to me. I love clean, organized space. (Stephen thinks it may be a sickness;).

Saturday morning we went to DFW airport and picked up my dear friend Shelby and took her and her friend to coffee. They had a two hour layover before they went on to LAX and then eventually Cambodia. They are going to work with young girls who have been rescued from sex-trafficking. Shelby was my closest friend at Teen Mania Honor Academy and we still keep in close contact. It was refreshing to see her and introduce her to Stephen, but an hour and a half is such an unfair tease. I pray that we will somehow be able to go and visit her, her hubby and their three kidos.

Saturday afternoon I helped host another Juice Plus party. Those are always fun. Saturday night we lounged around and I made a yummy dinner.

Sunday we went to church---side note: Ali has been joining us every Sunday and we love love love his company, God has been drawing him for years now & it's cool to talk with him about it---and after church we went to a wedding. It was the wedding of my friend BJ with whom I went to college and Brandi our friend from church. The pictures above are from the wedding. The one of me is with my friend Paula. Isn't Stephen getting SO good with his photography?! I'm so impressed by some of the shots he got that really make you "feel" the moment. We had fun, but unfortunately didn't dance together b/c so few were dancing (you know how that feels, when you're like the only two on the dance floor and all eyes are on YOU. Yeah, no thanks:). So, there you have it that's our weekend in a nut shell :).


Jessica said...

Love, love, love the first photo! Totally captures the moment. I really am dying to see a picture of the closet (before and after shots are always so fun), you know that's right up my ally! Also, it is ALWAYS best to clear out all the clutter (as you did with your closet), then sort and purge it, then finally organize it. You are a girl after my own heart!

Christy said...

yup' its a sickness alright and its called being a WOMEN! He,hee! You didnt dance cause people were watching? Oh ya' your so officially married and over the honeymoon phase! ;) Just kidding. We dance but lets just say I try and keep the curtains closed when Dan gets his "groove" on! I wish we lived closer my friend. You make me laugh.