Saturday, July 20, 2013

New to the shop: Watercolor design by Wiksten

I am so excited to announce my second artist collaboration, this time with Jenny Gordy of Wiksten . I have designed an oversized pillow using her Dealtry print, which is absolutely gorgeous!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Great Discontent

My sister-friend Mandy Blankenship was just featured on The Great Discontent, a short series of interviews with various artists, all answering the same question. And of course, she's my favorite.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Etsy Pop-Up Dallas!

Etsy pop-up comes to Dallas! Tomorrow 1pm-6pm. West Elm Dallas. My friends at Scout & Lilly are one of the featured sellers! Come buy their goodies!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Collaboration with Vivian Ducas

I am so thrilled to finally be collaborating with other artists who are translating their designs to fabric!

The first of which is this Feather Dot painting by Vivian Ducas of C'est La Viv. I have designed an oversized pillow that is sure to stop your visitors in their tracks, they will die to know where you got such a gorgeous print!  At which point you can promptly encourage them to run to my store & check it out (wink.  wink.)  ...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This book

So I think every blogger who waits longer than a month in between posts, feels the need to open with an apology. I feel that need this morning. But I will just say sorry & move on to this book I'm reading (for the second time). Okay? Ok.

This book came to me at the perfect time and from the hands of the (almost) perfect person, my mentor of the past year.

You see I've been grappling with the concept of prayer & it's purpose. And making sense of why God doesn't heal physically or emotionally in some circumstances, after you pray & plead & try to persuade Him to do so. This book has taken me on a journey to answer that very question and as a result it had changed my definition of prayer. My understanding of prayer has gone from being clever or desperate enough to convince God to do what you want him to do; to simply sitting with Him, being near Him, just asking for more of Him.

All of that to say, if you're looking for a good, sound book on prayer this one is a home run.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I've become an aficionado (aka snob)

Well I discovered one thing for sure on our recent trip to San Francisco, I've become a total snot when it comes to my morning joe.  I absolutely cannot drink off the shelf beans or Kerug coffee of any sort (let alone "flavored beans"---people stop the madness!).  I have been so completely ruined for anything but freshly roasted beans, and the darker the roast, the better (at this stage in my coffee experience, but that may evolve too).  And Costco is my main go-to store.  They roast these beans on site and sell them for cheap!  $17 for this four pound bag:

I do my best not to complain about much when I'm staying in someone else's home.
Hospitality is central to my heart.  But I couldn't help but require a good cup of coffee each morning of my seven day visit (and it was my Aunt's house, so she's used to spoiling me).  Which meant that we incorporated Peet's or Great Bear coffee as part of our morning ritual.  And I even bought 1/2 pound of their freshly roasted coffee and tried to create my own little coffee maker.

And realized that I will now travel with a french press.  I know RIDICULOUS!  So completely high-maintenance.  But coffee is my "thang" you know.  For some people it's wine, others it's chocolate or cheese or good steak, etc etc.  I just love one really good cup of coffee in the morning.  And someday I will roast my own, but for now I don't want my little 900 square feet to be saturated with that burnt popcorn smell.

And as my reward for traveling 4 hours on a plane with a tired two-year old, we visited a place called Blue Bottle Coffee (per a fellow-coffee snots recommendation).  They do "pour-overs" meaning they hand pour each and every cup of coffee (with their own freshly roasted beans) and it was such a party!  Small, overly crowed sort of place, with the line wrapping around the building, fully staffed with artsy-hippy types.  And so worth the wait!  Such a fun experience for us (minus my cranky side kick...that I just kept feeding cookies).  I've always thought it would be so much fun to learn the coffee business and open my own shop, where we roast beans in front of our customers.  But if you've known me for any length of time, you know that's just one of a dozen, out-of-the-box, business ideas that I'm in love with.  So, on that note.  I'll get back to my for-real business and sew these two ikat pillows.